Culture from Above

Culture from Above

December 15, 2018

Culture from Above


Sailing high above the city of culture, Octovision Media gave a magnificent view of this downward point of view. A DVD is a fabulous way to capture this, as Hull and its wonderful City of Culture 2017 volunteers are given a perspective that no ground crew can match or hope to find as winds of change blew a path for drones to follow and the sea of change to follow suit below.


You can now own this DVD for the price of £7.50, a bargain, and one that is sure to fill your home with memories of a treasured year that will fondly be remembered for many years to come. Hull, for a brief moment in time, had all eyes fixed on it as volunteers, performers, mixed media installations, artistry and culture of all kinds came together in a once in a lifetime year that will never be forgotten. “Made in Hull” kicked off the year, and celebrated the city in great style, with the city below looking like a sea of lights as the history was projected on its walls for eyes to see.


The year then blew forward like a ship catching a gale, with all manner of festivals taking in visitors who maybe had never been to the city and wished to see what all the fuss was about; reaching the hull of a ship they’d never been on and more than likely didn’t want to leave, as art was celebrated and a giant wind turbine blade lay down for all to see as the winds of change kept blowing through.


People met people; a blue sea emerged in Ferens Art Gallery, pouring forth as from before when people gathered naked and blue in the morning cold to be photographed in style as volunteers assisted them; bridges opened and lights pierced the sky from not only illumination but the hearts and minds of the crows below as their hearts and minds took flight as a city dazzled in delight.


Delight and pride in taking the spotlight, as drones from above captured all this and more for posterities sake as people went about their daily lives, unaware they were being captured in the annals of history.


The history you can now enjoy time and time again, as another year rolls by and those memories gradually fade. Sure, you can see the social media, you can recall the night, but for a truly unique perspective, there is nothing quite like a view from above of a year made special.


Watch as crowds gather for days and nights to remember. Take home your own little piece of a cultured city gone crazy, as the whirl of drones above captured it all for posterity, and revealed a city of history, culture, wonder, and importance unfold like a tapestry of light right before your very eyes and projected in beautiful clarity, right in your very home.


I could drone on and on, get the idea. Take home the magic tonight here and more from our online shop here, and relive a year of wonder.


A special thanks to the volunteers whose experiences and memories have been captured for posterity on this DVD.

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