A Calendar to Remember

A Calendar to Remember

December 15, 2018

Imagine owning a piece of history. Something you can touch, feel and smell as it hangs on your wall and shows you the progression of time and history, in turn, all told from above as only the unique POV that Octovision Media can give you, as a drones eye view illuminates your eye to perspective no ordinary calendar can hope to achieve.


Hull is a city that lends itself to aerial photography, being small, compact and flat, allowing the landscape to roll away in the distance revealing a patchwork quilt of rolling fields and a city sitting on the edge of the largest tidal estuary in the UK, with one of the largest suspension bridges in the world crossing its divide.


Now you too can cross the divide and peer across a drone’s eye view of this ever still but constantly changing landscape, as people mill about their daily lives and are frozen in time, allowing you the observer to glimpse a vision of one of the most beautiful parts of the country.


From above, Hull is given new life, and for the bargain price of £9.99 you can glimpse this new life and add an ornate piece of art to your wall; Jenning Street bridge providing the perfect entry point for a glimpse into a new world, now made glorious in colour and a perspective no ordinary camera can hope to match.


Drones are the wave of the future, and as you wave goodbye to each passing day and month, you can see the future unfolding as a new view is given of a unique city, one that has just been through a year of magic and wonder as culture now continue to seep through its veins and provide nourishment to the residents who now are basking in the year that was 2017.


This process is still ongoing, but what better gift to give a loved one than a yearly procession of all that makes Hull, Hull, as the drone hovers above and delivers a birds-eye view few can hope to match. Be it the bridge, or the glorious lights of the city centre at night or the exceptional view of the city centre as the countryside rolls away from it into the distance like something of a postcard, you’ll find no shortage of wonder is this very specially designed calendar.


A calendar made by a company that cares, and only provides content of the highest quality. Nominated for the (award here), this is a company that excels in excellence, and can provide you with value for money that few other companies can, and one that is not only providing innovative images, but also beautiful ones that will stand the test of time, and bear the mark of a company that is local (if you live in Hull) and provides a truly new vision.


Octovision Media and Christopher Fenton are proud to present not only this calendar but other products that you can buy from our online shop, by following this link.


You know you want to, from the company that stays high, in the sky.


Where dreams, come true.

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